"Optimising the use of perfusion devices contributes to the safety and the correct use of medicines”

Doran International is a French company founded in 1995 in Toussieu (near Lyon, France) with the goal of meeting our clients’ needs by offering them the best expertise in the use of both simple and complex perfusion systems for the correct use of medicines, (including products, services, training and information).
The systems we produce contribute to the correct use of these fluids so vital to current medical treatments. As a company, we consider it a matter of industrial ethics to ensure that patient security takes centre stage as part of a joint, continuous and on-going improvement process, with ethics always taking precedence over “business” interests.

Proposing the best adapted solutions by remaining resolutely people-focused

By remaining focused on its activities, the company works to meet the safety, clinical and economic concerns of health-care operators thanks to effective traceability and information management. Strongly attached to the values of transparency, openness and objectivity, we are aware that the long-term future of our company is dependent on customer satisfaction, support from suppliers and shareholders, staff motivation and continuous improvement.
We encourage and develop responsiveness, safety, perseverance and humility, all with the goal of protecting our most precious asset: Health.


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69780 Toussieu

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